2010-07-31 46 -123

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Sat 31 Jul 2010 in 46,-123:
46.0601459, -123.2629227

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Close to Hwy 47 Near Mist Oregon

Today's battleship location is: H 1



APR first mentioned this hashpoint, though Jim had noticed it was a possible since it is near the "bottom" of the graticule.

APR's worried about Beach Traffic, but Jim doesn't think it will be that much of a problem. Jim needs to go to the Farmer's Market earlier in the day, though.

APR wants to get out for a morning bike ride, so later in the day should be fine. Meet up at 2PM?

Today's battleship location is: H 1


  • Trying to hitch a ride from a good Samaritan. -- apr @45.5219,-122.9723 22:25, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

Jim was a good Samaritan, and picked up APR around 3:30PM local time. We proceeded to drive through the light traffic all the way up near Mist, Oregon. When we got to the point on the road closest to the hashpoint, we found a place to pull off, and donned boots (to make the bushwhacking easier).

We walked down the short straight stretch, and looked for the best place to make our way into the hashpoint. The road was built up on a grade, so it was a rather steep way down to the normal level of the ground, but after that, the ground seemed to have only a slight downhill. Eventually we decided that the easiest way down was near the car. We proceeded down through the woods, with only a few thorny spots, desperately trying to get and keep signal on the GPS units. Both of the units would sometimes get signal, but then lose it, leaving us with frozen directions.

After a few minutes of stumbling around in the dark understory of the woods, we found a small patch of clover which seemed to be close enough, if not on, the spot of the geohash. Even if it wasn't the exact spot, we'd tromped around more than enough to have walked right through the spot.

After the obligatory picture taking, we slowly worked their way back out, more or less the same way that they entered. On the trip home, Jim kindly slowed down for APR to take a picture of a nice wooden trestle railway bridge, which most assuredly no longer carries trains. It was at this point that Jim noticed his car was running a bit low on gas. Since they were relatively near home at this point, we went to North Plains to get some gas.

The Washington County Fair was going on (Day 3 of 4 day run). We then proceeded onwards to the Washington County Fair, where they looked at livestock, checked in on the 4-H/FFA Livestock Auction, and admired the various craft entries. We also got corn dogs, corn on the cob, and milk shakes and called that dinner.



  • Land Geohash
  • Two Consecutive Geohashes for both APR and Jim
  • Another minesweeper point for Jim