2010-07-31 36 -86

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Sat 31 Jul 2010 in Nashville:
36.0601459, -86.2629227

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About 50 feet off the side of a country road just east of Cedars of Lebanon State Park, in Lebanon, TN, at

36.060145°, -86.262923°



After Josh had a trip to Dinosaur World canceled (too high a risk of velociraptor attack), Josh was left with the desire for a roadtrip but had no apparent destination in mind. The idea of geohashing popped up into his head, so he managed to convince Wade to accompany him on what would be both of their first geohashing expeditions in their home graticule containing Nashville, TN.


After leaving Josh's apartment at about 3:45 p.m., we followed Wade's GPS as it guided us to the hash. It was a rather dull trip until we passed through Cedars of Lebanon State Park. We passed some horse crossings, an apparent wedding, and the usual foliage one would expect in a state park. We even stopped to say hello to a friendly, scruffy-looking dog. After passing a couple abandoned barns, we turned onto the street off which the hash was located. All was fine until we came up to a No Trespassing sign on the dead-end road. As we approached the sign, we noticed a dog jump off the porch of a house up ahead which started trotted towards the gate, so we took a couple pictures with the hash in the background but did not stay long. After beginning to back out towards the main road, we realized that our pictures did not actually contain us in them. Thus, we returned to the No Trespassing sign to remedy this minor error. The same dog trotted farther down the road towards us this time, accompanied by a second dog. Both began to bark at us. We then noticed a third dog on the porch, as well as the house's owner. Wade said he noticed something in the owner's hand, which he presumed to be a gun, so having completed picture-taking, we quickly reversed our way back towards the main road to return home. The trip back was marked by large ominous clouds and a chance encounter with Josh's aunt and uncle from Memphis.



BarrelRoller earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (36, -86) geohash on 2010-07-31.
2010-07-31 36 -86 013.JPG