2010-07-31 34 -84

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Sat 31 Jul 2010 in Roswell:
34.0601459, -84.2629227

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At the far end of a parking lot of a church in Alpharetta


There is nothing like Geohashing from inside a vehicle. Maybe there should be some kind of Top Gear award. The Atlanta and Roswell graticules probably have the most driven to hash spots than anywhere else in the world.

There was nothing hard about this geohash spot. I drove right to it and made it inside the 10m requirement with out even getting out of the vehicle. I did step out of the vehicle to get to the center of the 10m, but to the ultra lazy, it wouldn't have been necessary.

We arrive a few minutes early took a few pictures and then waited till 10 minutes after 4pm for just by chance someone else would show up. Nobody did so we went on our way.




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