2010-07-26 61 24

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Mon 26 Jul 2010 in 61,24:
61.0590631, 24.3832492

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Someone's yard in Hattula.

From Google, it looked like this would be a sidewalk. On site it turned out to be behind a gate.




Leave summer home by car around 6:30 am on this Monday morning, visit the hash and arrive at office before 8 am.


I chose to take a to the hash on my return from weekend at summer house before returning to office. Town of Hattula is about 1,5 km from Tampere - Helsinki highway that I would be driving anyway. Research on phone google maps showed the hash to be near a street, possibly on a side walk. So I left summer house at 6:05 am, found Mierolantie and drove to the side next to the coordinates. I tturned out that there was a further 13 meters from the sidewalk, putting the hash to someone's yard. I could have entered the yard, but since it was 6:35 am, I did not feel like it. Hash looks to be very close to the gate, picture of which is attached.