2010-07-25 38 -110

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Sun 25 Jul 2010 in 38,-110:
38.5182129, -110.6414956

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Just a short distance off Utah Highway 24 between I-70 and Hanksville--a few miles east of Goblin Valley.



I was visiting family up in Utah for the long weekend, and looked ahead to find that the Sunday hash wasn't far off highway 24 in southern Utah. We were planning on taking our time getting home, so I figured it would be fun to motor through that (very scenic) area on our way back. The particular location looked very close to the highway, but I was a little bit worried about finding a suitable place to pull off the road and attempt to get there. I was also assuming that there would be a fence, and it was always possible (although unlikely) that it would be located on private land and have a Posted sign. At any rate, it looked very doable so we took the chance.


We motored down from Utah Valley in the morning, then spent the afternoon hiking nearby in the San Rafael Swell. We decided against visiting the nearby Goblin Valley State Park because we'd been there a few times already, and headed south to the area of the hash. When we got pretty close (~1/4 mile), I pulled off the shoulder into the soft--but not TOO soft--sand. The toddler had fallen asleep, so I attempted the hash alone and left the family in the car. There was a fence, but no signs to be seen for miles. I think it was on BLM land. Thankfully, the lower wire had no barbs, so it was easy to slip under. It wasn't so easy to run the .2 miles to the hash because of the very sandy terrain and the omnipresent cacti, but I got there quickly and easily enough. At least it was pretty level. I got my pictures and hurried on back to the waiting family in the car. I'm sure most of the passing traffic just thought I was looking for a good spot for a pit stop in the wide open desert on my way down to go boating at Lake Powell. We motored on a few more miles down Hwy 24 from there and spent the night at a motel in Hanksville.


Track located here.



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