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All locations: .6328885, .4948978
Globalhash: 23.9199386814, -1.8367950540024 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Kathmandu, Nepal Felix Dance I've been staying in an orphanage for the past three weeks in the hills eas...
Crestview, Florida Liberian Eglin Reservation, southeast of Duke Field
Columbia, Missouri Sam, Isaac Random field east of California, Missouri
Newark, New Jersey Jevanyn An athletic field off Dubois Rd.
Montréal, Québec a friend, User:Flamey Someone's Backyard
Victoria, British Columbia Wenslayer The middle of the Saanich Inlet, but relatively accessible by kayak from Br...
Vernon, British Columbia Juventas In the Fly Hills (again), not near anything.
Birmingham, United Kingdom Omniscient and friends On the edge of a field off the A444, just outside Twycross.
Norwich, United Kingdom MagicIan In a field near North Burlingham

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