2010-07-18 43 -88

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Sun 18 Jul 2010 in 43,-88:
43.5965541, -88.4474678

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Cul-du-sac in Lomira, Wisconsin.



Drive to the hash, possibly pull a Speed Racer, and then find squishies.


We set off from Dedehawk's house and got onto the highway. Lomira wasn't that far away, only a twenty- to thirty-minute drive. We turned onto the road leading closer to the hash and noticed the "Road Closed Ahead" signs. Would we have to walk a rather long distance? We slowly drove down the road, watching carefully for the right road to turn onto. It was an extremely close call. The road was closed right after we had to turn. Immediately after we had to turn, in fact. The GPS directed us past a (very) small park, where we decided to park and then walk to the hash. Because the car's GPS is made of lies and failure, Bassoon's phone was again used as the hashing rod. It led us back down the road we had just driven. As we approached the cul-du-sac in which the hash fell, we could see a motorcycle. Could IT be the hash? And if it was, could we keep it?

But alas, fate was not on our side as the motorcycle fell on the other side of the cul-du-sac from the hash. We all piled onto the hashpoint and took our group photo, then drove back to a gas station that we had passed earlier to attempt geosquishy. We were in luck! Everyone partook in a nice, refreshing (five-star!) geosquishy and a nice, refreshing (five-star!) ride home.



Bassoon and Dedehawk earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging PainJain to the (43, -88) geohash on 2010-07-18.
Bassoon, Dedehawk, PainJain earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (43, -88) geohash on 2010-07-18.
2010-07-18 43 -88 verification.png
GeoSquishy Achievement FirstSip.jpg
Dedehawk and PainJain earned the First Sip GeoSquishy Achievement
by enjoying a slushy carbonated beverage at the (43, -88) geohash on 2010-07-18.
GeoSquishy Achievement 5Star.jpg
Bassoon, Dedehawk, and PainJain earned the 5 Star GeoSquishy Achievement
by earning 5 stars all at the (43, -88) geohash on 2010-07-18.
2010-07-18 43 -88 squishies.png