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All locations: .5687441, .5352076
Globalhash: 12.373941961031, 12.674720624551 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Bathurst, Australia Ephphatha In Cow Flat (a clearing south of Georges Plains), between two small ravines...
Crestview, Florida liberian Eglin Reservation
Salinas, California Quertior The hash appears to be in a farm, right off of Highway 101. It may be priva...
Nashville, Tennessee andrew ", taylor, reed Middle of an empty field.
Cincinnati, Ohio Hounddog Probably inaccessible...looks to be in someone's farm. Like in the middle ...
Newark, New Jersey Kyukket, Jevanyn A house on Windsor St. in Bound Brook, Somerset County.
Peoria, Illinois Dvdllr In a soybean field near Groveland, Illinois
Oakridge, Oregon Nn2s2u A mile from the nearest road in Umpqua Forest!
Portland, Oregon Jim, Mrs.5000, Michael5000 Marine Drive near the I-205 bridge in Portland
Victoria, British Columbia Wenslayer Very close to the Malahat summit, just off the highway. Looking at the Google Street View...
Vernon, British Columbia Juventas, DigitalAngel In the Spa Hills, north of Falkland.
Birmingham, United Kingdom and friends, Omniscient In a Mancetter, Atherstone house. Participants chose a less intrusive alte...
Edson, Alberta B cereus On Yellowhead highway, just west of Edson. (actually 150m south of the high...

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