2010-07-11 26 -80

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Sun 11 Jul 2010 in Palm Beach:
26.1774056, -80.2872902

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Between two houses in Sunrise, in a neighborhood just off of 44th Street.


The hashpoint lies almost directly between my home and my parents, whom I was going to visit anyway that day. However, it doesn't lie along the usual route that I take, so this is not quite an Easy Geohash - I normally would have missed it by about a block or two. More like a Really Convenient Geohash. --Million zillion

Expedition Reports[edit]

Million zillion[edit]

I arrived at about 3:30pm, and parked. I found the approximate hashpoint in a little garden area just outside of a house using a combination of GeohashDroid and a Google sat-view picture. If it was few feet to the east or to the west, then I would have had to knock on someone's door to reach it.

I took a few pictures and left to help Dad move some furniture.