2010-07-10 32 -111

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Sat 10 Jul 2010 in Casa Grande:
32.6311590, -111.7338689

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Open ranch north of Three Points



This one was right in the same neighborhood as one from last summer. Just a little further on a fun dirt road. But, alas, before we got to the coordinates, we encountered a gate with a shiny new lock on it. A little hot for a mile hike with no shade, but we were still willing except for the shiny new "No Trespassing" signs (in triplicate) that apparently came with the new lock.

Not to be deterred, we still enjoyed lots of dirt road 4-wheeling and a hike to the local peak. We found enough discarded backpacks to equip an entire classroom and had an unscheduled meeting with some nice Border Patrol officers. Since we weren't the vehicle they were looking for and had nothing/no one of interest in the back of the truck, we were allowed to continue our journey (while watching the helicopter search to the east of us).

We probably had more fun and adventure than if we had actually reached the geohash coordinates.