2010-07-08 50 11

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Thu 8 Jul 2010 in 50,11:
50.9757611, 11.1099371

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On a meadow(?) close to a mall car park in the outskirts of Erfurt.



Will drive there after work on my way to Erfurt.


On my way to Erfurt I took an exit earlier than usual, but without making a detour. I passed the hashpoint by about 100 m on federal road B7 and took the next street to the right which got me to the parking lot of "Globus Baumarkt". I parked in the rearest corner and ran up a short slope from where I took the 1st photo. Crossing a path and struggling through nettles, I quickly got to the hashpoint and took more pictures for evidence. Less than 200 m walked I got back to the car and continued to Erfurt.


Parked car at the Globus hardware store.  
Reinhard at the hashpoint just few steps further.  
Coordinates reached.