2010-07-08 33 -84

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Thu 8 Jul 2010 in Atlanta:
33.7129432, -84.2686770

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In a parking lot of an abandoned hotel in East Atlanta



I have finally got my new eTrex setup up like I did my old one. Except this one I now have a cable that I can connect it to the cigarette lighter of my truck and not have to use battery power.

I would like to say that this geohash was a very difficult in that there were rivers to cross(the Chattahoochee), many obstacles to get around(a automobile accident on I-75 south bound in the middle lane of 8 lanes) and a fire hazard(an automobile caught fire on I-20 but was off to the side of the road). But it was very easy.

I did ride a bike from where I work to my truck parked 6 miles away, I do that every day. You can see my bicycle in the back of my truck. I did have several delays in getting to the geohash spot.

It was a very easy geohash. So easy that I didn't even have to get out of my truck to make it with in 3 feet. I did back up and go forward a few times, playing the GPS dance with my truck until I got close enough.

I took a few pictures and didn't hang around as in this abandoned section of town didn't actually look all that safe to be walking around in. I then drove home to Norcross.