2010-07-05 50 -119

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Straight through the gate.

Mon 5 Jul 2010 in 50,-119:
50.4697853, -119.7430819

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The geohash is in the middle of a field next to highway 97, just east of Westwold.


  • Robyn & T-Rex, of course


Attempting this one between eleven and noon.


2010-07-05 50 -119.gps.jpg

Took a detour on the drive between Vancouver and Salmon Arm to drive through Westwold along a road that bore the name highway 97, but was definitely not in the 97th percentile of highway quality ranking. Approaching the point, it looked as if this would be a detour for nothing, because all the fields were fenced and many had livestock in them. I drove by the field itself, and it was fenced. There was no real crop in the field, just a mixture of grasses, but there was an irrigation system installed, so perhaps they were going to mow it for hay. I parked in a side road, in order to walk back and get the best picture. The fence was solid and while there were no signs, I wouldn't cross a fence like that.

The distance from the geohash reached a minimum at 268 metres, so I took a couple of pictures and then walked on a little further to get a different angle. And then I came to the open gate, next to an archway designating a taxidermy business. An open gate, nothing to harm in the field, a quick romp through 300 metres of tall wet gress and I returned with jeans wet to the thighs, soggy shoes, and a photo of the geohash.

Back in the car and on to Salmon River, where I bought some cumin gouda cheese before ending up in Salmon Arm.