2010-07-03 35 -107

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Sat 3 Jul 2010 in 35,-107:
35.7625283, -107.0616666

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Just off a two-track less than a half mile from the Continental Divide Trail by the Deadman Peaks in the Rio Puerco valley.



I had already signed up with the Albuquerque Hiking Meetup to hike to the top of the Cabezon Peak that morning, which is only 12 mi away as the crow flies or a little more than 16 mi driving. I was kind of excited when I saw that the hash was so close, and decided to go ahead and drive myself so that I would be able to break away after the main hike and strike out on my own.


The hike went wonderfully, and exactly as planned (check that track here...fun hike if anyone wants to try it!). I convinced a couple other hikers to head out to the Deadman Peaks with me, although the drag-along wasn't really my main intention here. We parked a half mile or so from the hash and went overland to get there, although it turns out that we probably could have driven right up to it. After hitting the hash, we headed down the track and met up with the CDT, then followed it around for a mile or two until it started to rain, so we headed for the cars. We really didn't want to get stuck on those roads if the rain hit hard, but we got off the dirt without any incident, thankfully. Successful hash!


Check out the track here.



Redaragorn earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Maya and Scott to the (35, -107) geohash on 2010-07-03.
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