2010-06-23 53 -113

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Wed 23 Jun 2010 in 53,-113:
53.4826269, -113.6964737

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[edit] Location

About 10km from my house. On the Western edge of Edmonton.

[edit] Participants

B cereus

[edit] Plans

On my way back from working in Slave Lake. This was the only graticule out of the four I passed through that had a seemingly easily accessible location.

[edit] Expedition

I thought this was going to be a sure thing, yet once I got to the coordinates, I saw a 12 foot tall chain-link fence that encircled the entire area. The Enoch Cree Nation Reserve had fenced the whole area off and a $50 dollar fine is the punishment for trespassing. A tempting fee for a hash.

[edit] Photos

[edit] Ribbons

B cereus earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (53, -113) geohash on 2010-06-23.
2010-06-23 53 -113 01.JPG