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Tue 22 Jun 2010 in Regensburg, Germany:
49.0604751, 12.1870988

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In a meadow on a hill south of Wenzenbach, less than 10km northeast of Regensburg.

dawidi with Tomcat[edit]

We had already planned to do one of our usual little geocaching cycle trips after work, so after the coordinates became available on monday, the plans simply shifted to a slightly different selection of geocaches that formed a rather nice route including the hashpoint.

I met Tomcat at a shopping mall in Regensburg around 18:15, and we headed to a geocache on a hilltop near Grünthal first - actually a very old geocache, placed back in 2005. We enjoyed the ticks and the nice view into the Regen valley, then continued through Grünthal to the geohash. I had taken the same "road" already on 2007-12-25 around 18:00 collecting tracks for OSM, and I actually took pictures within 80m of the hash, looking towards it! So, while my first visit had occured in darkness in one of the longest nights of the year, this time we were there about two hours later, but still over an hour before sunset, on one of the longest days of the year. Nice.

Apart from being of such historical, and possibly astronomical, significance, the point was in a rather average, lush meadow, near a loose group of newer private houses and older farm buildings. I found another tick crawling along my elbow while photographing the GPS on location.

The sun was not yet about to set, but covered by clouds, and it was getting somewhat cool, so we coasted on towards the north. On a hillside with a good view of Wenzenbach, another film canister was waiting for us, but we had to accept the help of a woman living within view of the cache to find it - even though it had been recently found, ants had built a nest covering it apparently within the last week or so. After signing the log we enjoyed the view for a few more minutes while eating some pastries we had brought.

In Wenzenbach, we got on the Falkenstein cycleway and followed it back to Regensburg, and after collecting a few more caches we made it back home at about 23:00.

Panorama at the hashpoint.
Panorama of dawidi taking a panorama at the hashpoint.
A mirror-like Regen river, back in town.

And for the Déjà-vu:

I think at least the second image is believably similar in perspective to the bottom of the vertical panorama, no? :)

dawidi earned the Déjà Vu Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (49, 12) geohash on 2010-06-22, and previously on 2007-12-25.
2010-06-22 49 12 2007-12-25 without flash.jpg