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In an orchard near Wisbech

Sun 20 Jun 2010 in Cambridge:
52.6670247, 0.1929691

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This was the third of MagicIan's 4-in-a-row geohashes on this day... He parked up on Broad End Road and went for a wander to see where he could gain access to the field. He found a big spikey metal gate on Sparrowgate Road and decided that meant he wasn't meant to go through. But it also had a conveniently placed foothold half way up which persuaded him to go for it anyway. So over the gate, around the corner into a field of long grass. Cut across the field to get onto what is clearly somebody's property. He probably shouldn't be here. But can't quit now - run around an electrified fence and to a hedgerow. The hashpoint is the other side, but can't he make it through, so keeps going til he finds a gap. It's full of nettles but he tramples them out of the way down and up the other side of the ditch into the orchard. The hardest bit is over and he just needs to go down and across the rows of trees. Just as he gets to the hashpoint and checks the map, he sees a figure in the distance. That's it - no waiting around - he legs it back the way he came and only stops to take photos at the edge of the orchard before jumping back across the ditch and jogging back through the field of long grass. Phew - that was close!