2010-06-19 50 -119

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Sat 19 Jun 2010 in 50,-119:
50.9666160, -119.6055144

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Half-way down a ravine in the Adams Forest.




A long drive to Adams Lake, over the bridge, and then hike a 4km ATV trail that follows the edge of a ravine (Nikwikwaia Creek). The trail appears to end at a series of merging ravines, at which I will have to bushwhack some very steep terrain for the remaining 0.5-1.5km. The entire hike is inside an Indian reserve.


What Bridge?[edit]

It didn't take long for my plans to go awry. I could not find the bridge. I saw many houses on the other side of the lake, so I stopped at a convenience store and asked how to get across. The lady said to wait for the ferry a kilometer up the road. When I asked what of the bridge on my map, she replied only that there hasn't been a bridge in 15 years.

The ferry was the smallest I had seen (and I had been on many), I thought perhaps 6 vehicles. Immediately upon landing on the other side, the road was so narrow barely two vehicles could pass.

Bad History[edit]

I parked next to a gate with a sign covered mostly by foliage. "No Trepidations", perhaps, I couldn't be sure. After walking a short distance I came across some graffiti that made the whole situation much clearer. The members of this Indian Reserve were not happy with the lake houses, and would do everything to make things difficult for them. The bridge is likely perfectly fine, and the ferry was a quick fix for those suddenly cut off when the gates went up.

Despite this I thought they might not mind someone going for a walk, but when I came to a residence with many clearly visible signs saying otherwise, I decided to turn around. This could of been the ultimate ambassador achievement, requiring no less than the healing of old wounds.


Some quick googling and inquiries of friends failed to bring up any clarification on the history of the area. They are part of same First Nation that went up against 70,000 rounds of ammunition and armored personal carriers to defend a piece a land in another part of the province in the 90's. The situation with the ferry is ridiculous. I would very much like to know more.

On the way back I stopped at Demilles Farm Market, which I hadn't been to since I was a kid. Unlike most childhood memories, this place was every bit of intriguing now as I remember.