2010-06-13 47 12

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Sun 13 Jun 2010 in 47,12:
47.6961531, 12.1499792

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On a meadow in the rural district of Rosenheim (Bavaria, Germany) close to the Austrian border.



Manu and Reinhard were on a short vacation in Tyrol/Austria from Wednesday evening till Sunday. There was no close hashpoint during their stay, but this reasonable one on Sunday which they could visit on their drive back. As the public internet PC in a restaurant didn't display the peeron map and satellite view, they just knew from the Garmin roadmap that it was close to roads. Taking A93 exit Oberaudorf shortly after crossing the Austrian-German border, they quickly got close to the hashpoint and drove a gravel road as far as possible. It turned out that the hashpoint was on a meadow without any animals, so they went the 400 m there and took some pictures. New graticule for Manu and Reinhard successfully geohashed! Then they went back to the car and continued their drive home (having a longer break in Munich).


Our exit.  
Getting closer.  
We parked near the llamas.  
Coordinates reached.  
Manu and Reinhard on the hash meadow.