2010-06-13 -37 145

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Sun 13 Jun 2010 in -37,145:
-37.6961531, 145.1499792

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On an artificial football (soccer) pitch in Eltham North, Melbourne East


Kozz's partner
Kozz's dog


Head on out after going to the market this morning.


I've been out of action for a couple of months now with a recurring ankle injury. Doesn't affect me from walking, but it hurts like hell with a distinct opportunity for re-inury whenever I walk on uneven surfaces without an ankle brace. As previous hashes have seen me scrabbling up and down steep slopes on uneven surfaces, I've decided not to tempt fate, and stopped hashing for a while.

However, today's appeared to be easy - close to a road on a flat field, according to satellite pics, and right next to a walking track where my partner and I could take the dog for a Sunday stroll. We drove out from the markets to Eltham via the Warrandyte / Research road, a beautiful wee drive in the countryside.

We arrived at the park that I'd scoped, I switched on the GPS and it told me to walk into the middle of a soccer (football) field made out of artificial grass, Geohashing gods obviously trying to assuage my disappointment at not being selected for the FIFA World Cup (well, I am injured, otherwise look out Messi). There were some teenagers and some parents around the field practising, I asked if I could walk onto the field and take some photos and they said sorry, we're about to start a game. So I walked around the outside of the pitch to the closest point, which was approx 14 metres from the hashpoint.

I figured we could wait around for 90 minutes or so and try after the game finished, so we took the dog for a long walk, and came back to find a different group of people playing :o(

Unwilling to wait around to be let onto the field, we left and went home. Not sure what this counts as because it's not No Public Access as it's a public football field. I'd like to call it achieved as we were within easy distance of the hash, but walking onto the pitch during a game is pretty rude.