2010-06-10 40 -111

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Thu 10 Jun 2010 in 40,-111:
40.8044219, -111.7642693

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Locked inside a Military Watershed Preserve. There were cameras guarding the gate and a large keep out sign posted on the road. Me and Orion figured we'd better stop there.



This was one of the shortest Expeditions I have ever done. It was also the first time I had the chance to drag a friend along with me, which was great. I left around 7 and swung by to pick him up. He had made dinner and everything (which was SUPER amazing of him) and packed it all to bring up to the site. We were both really excited and it only took us about half an hour to get up to the U (the canyon was behind campus).

We took a couple of wrong turns but found the canyon pretty easily. We parked right at the mouth and started to hike up. The point was right off the road so even though it was a couple miles, we thought we'd be fine. Before we had gone more than half a mile, however, we came to a large fence with large letters saying in a very large tone that we were in no way permitted beyond the gate and that trespassers would be shot by snipers hidden in the surrounding trees and that mastiffs would be released from their super-reinforced cages. As added protection, they had security cameras sweeping the road.

I guess the military must really love the environment.

With our access blocked, we had no other choice but to turn up a side trail which went up the mountain to the south. We had come to go hiking and if we couldn't go one way we would go another. The trail was relatively easy, and we made it to the top easily. We did take a long cut (which really was a shortcut it just took longer), but still made it to the top for sunset. And watching the sun set from the top of a mountain is an unforgettable experience. We took out what he had cooked (breaded chicken with pineapple and potatoes with Italian salad and brownies for dessert (can I say WOW enough??)) and ate it there. It was delicious.

We hiked down after dark in about half an hour. The trail down was very steep and we had to circle around the base of the mountain to return to our car but we made it. Although we didn't make it to the point, I still saw it as a successful trip. We had fun, and that was what we went out to do.

Pictures to be updated later.