2010-06-07 -37 176

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Mon 7 Jun 2010 in -37,176:
-37.9137437, 176.0739269

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[edit] Location

Forestry area, Omanawa Road, Omanawa Falls, Tauranga, New Zealand

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Another long weekend mission, planned to attack as many hashes as possible over the three day weekend.

[edit] Expedition

Here in the Commonwealth Country of New Zealand, we celebrate the birthday of Queen Elizabeth by having a day off. After visiting the local internet cafe in Turangi, found a hash which wasn't too far away from the route home back to Auckland.

Have car, will follow map to destination. Unfortunately we were thwarted by a Permit Only Sign, only 900 m from the hash. Not having the appropriate, aforementioned permit, we decided not to risk it as could see a residence in the distance. First fail for Greenslime. However we did stumble across a beautiful set of waterfalls that we probably would never have come across, so not all was not wasted.

[edit] Tracklog

Taupo to Putaruru, SH 28 onto SH 29, over the Kaimai Ranges, right onto McLaren Falls road, then right onto Omanawa Road, follow till end.

[edit] Awards

Greenslime earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (-37, 176) geohash on 2010-06-07.
File 2010-06-07 -37 176 No Trespassing.jpg.JPG

[edit] Photos