2010-06-07 -37 145

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Mon 7 Jun 2010 in -37,145:
-37.9137437, 145.0739269

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On a residential property under construction.




The point is roughly halfway between my work and my house. It would be criminal not to pass by on the way home from work.


The Google satellite view showed a suburban house, and I didn't get around to checking Nearmap, which has more recent images. So I knew the chances of a successful hash were low, but perhaps the satellite view was badly aligned or something.

I approached the point using my newish Garmin Oregon 550 - first geohash using it - mounted on my bike. Using the "pointer" view, there's an arrow that constantly points towards the geohash, regardless of which way you're facing. It also navigated me through the OpenStreetMap maps...too easy.

As I got closer, I noticed a house under construction. Could it be...no...yes! What a miracle! The house on Google's satellite view must have been demolished and a new one was being built. I pissfarted around a bit with the fence for a few minutes - every time a car came past, I bent down and pretended I was fixing my bike. I eventually got in by lifting the fence out of its concrete block and separating two pieces. Once inside, the GPS quickly guided me to within "1m". A couple of half-arsed photos, and I got out of there.