2010-06-05 60 22

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Sat 5 Jun 2010 in Turku:
60.4318804, 22.2300218

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This one seemed to be so close to my home so I decided to take a little evening cycling there. The spot was found easily and no problems reaching it, it was right next to the pavement on the grass. On the morning we thought that we could do a picnic here (after figuring out there's an own achievement for that) but had to skip it for today. Sad, because when I saw the place I knew it would've been very good location for a picnic. There were quite a lot of windows and balconies having view straight to the hash point so it wasn't the most private possible but nice anyway. The place also had some shoreline and sunset, luckily I visited there in the evening when sun was going down. Nice place!


My GPSr at the coordinates
Sunset at the location