2010-06-04 50 -3

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Exeter, United Kingdom[edit]

Fri 4 Jun 2010 in 50,-3:
50.5188896, -3.4982603

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Out to sea!

Splishy splashy[edit]

Munky: I was planning on getting an early night, but no... a tea-time forum-check revealed a hash too tasty to pass up: 500m off the coast on a still warm evening.

With great haste a van was piled with kit and hooned across country to... well, initially to discover that Maidencombe's car park barrier is one inch shorter than the chipfat camper, before turning tail to Shaldon Ness and kitting up.

Solo paddle, the sea like mercury, mackerel driving the baitfish to the surface: t'was all thoroughly fine, and the hash was hit!

And on the return, just to tease, Shaldon Ness (which is this huge beak of sandstone all shaggy with trees) loomed up close, Teignmouth was lights in the haze, and a low smoky sunset just - for just the briefest moment - turned Devon into Tortuga. Adventure indeed, matey.

There was even beer left in the fridge when I got home.

The mandatory stupid grin :)
The tale of the tape.