2010-06-03 40 -74

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Thu 3 Jun 2010 in 40,-74:
40.9652620, -74.0736576

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Behind a pharmacy in Paramus, Bergen County


Jevanyn by proxy


Today's geohash is at a pharmacy in Paramus, near Rte 17 and E. Ridgewood Ave. If you're free, I can give you more detailed directions.
  • Dad, June 3 at 12:02pm
OK - give me the address of pharmacy.
It's Valley Health Pharmacy, I think the address is 1 Industrial Ave, Paramus. (Directions and instructions snipped)

Retro Expedition[edit]

  • Dad, June 7 at 6:21pm
I went, I saw and I left (also sent you a picture to your cel phone).

By his explanation, he went today, not Thursday, but he did go, and assuming he parked in back, he passed within a few feet of the geohash.



Jevanyn earned the Puppet Master Geohash achievement
by manipulating someone to reach the (40, -74) geohash on 2010-06-03.
Is it true that Jevanyn earned the Puppet Master Geohash?
In principle, yes.
But the puppet didn't go the same day, so it's a retrohash (2010-06-03 40 -74).