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Tue 1 Jun 2010 in 59,18:
59.8547910, 18.0488911

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This hash was the result of a few spare hours and a new bike. I simply couldn't resist the urge to go out on a little tour with my new toy.

As I had biked quite a lot the afternoon and evening before, the bike trip wasn't exactly fast. (And it didn't get faster by my problems finding the correct way to exit Uppsala by bike.)

The way to the hash point was nice. Wonderful wheather and a healthy mixture of terrain types, neither so flat it got boring nor so bumpy it got too tough. The only thing I really had to fight against was the wind. However, the knowledge that I was going to enjoy the same wind in my back on the way home also made this quite an easy fight.

The hash point was, due to google maps, very close to a road. However, when I got to the road I realized two things:
1. A road barrier was blocking my path.
2. The road was made out of fist-sized stones. Not very healthy to my bike.
So, I left the bike and got a nice walk the last way to the hash point, which was in some quite swampy part of the forest. The hash point was actually quite crowded - with mosquitoes - so I did the compulsary circle running as fast as possible and then quickly left the mosquito nest.

The way home was as the way there, except for some extra help from the wind and some extra toughness due to increasing hunger and dehydration. (The great combination of sheer stupidness and eagerness made me only bring a 0.2 l bottle of water on the expedition. I have no idea what I thought when I only packed this really tiny bottle, but it must have seemed as a great idea by then. It really took my all day to get rid of the dehydration caused tiredness this got me...)

Today's conclusion[edit]

A bike trip a sunny summer day is always nice, but one should really consider bringing more than two tiny biscuites and a 0.2 l water bottle on a bike trip estimated to take several hours, taking place on such a day.

Track log[edit]

[1] Bike: Parents' place -> hash point.
[2] Walk: close to/around the hash point.
[3] Bike: Hash point -> parents' place.