2010-05-31 42 -71

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2010 05 31 42 -71 power.jpg

Mon 31 May 2010 in 42,-71:
42.1293064, -71.9973130

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In Charleton Massachusetts at a power substation (or some kind of power-related place)


Sara with her children


I have missed geohashing, and was glad to get out on this beautiful day. This was a good hashpoint for children because there was a path.

On the way there, my daughter took some pictures through the car window, but the camera was having problems, and by the end of the trip, the cellphone was also refusing to take pictures.

We couldn't quite get to the point, because the point was a few meters inside the fence of the power substation, but we made a marker anyway, and then we went and fed the llamas right next to the power station.

We had to go right home, and the children were quite disappointed that we couldn't have a Junky Snack.

However, on the way home, we saw a big motorcycle that was almost like a car, which we thought was a T-Rex (but wasn't, I see now).

Between the llamas and the big motorcycle, my son had a good day. My daughter was not in the geohashing spirit for this trip, but there's always next time.