2010-05-30 45 -122

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Sun 30 May 2010 in 45,-122:
45.7345936, -122.3636490

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Forested foothills northeast of Vancouver.



This is the kind of hashpoint I have been hoping for since taking up geohashing. The aerial image suggested but did not guarantee accessibility, and the location would require exploration, a little foresight, and a modicum of physical effort. I made a careful sketch of the hashpoint area and noted the road route, packed a few supplies, and left on the expedition at noon on the dot.


Increasingly narrow rural roads took me into the area of the hashpoint, but as I had anticipated the last road I would need to go on was gated. No problem: timber companies don't restrict access, just motorized access, so I began the second stage of the triathlon, hoisting my bike over the gate.

In a way, the bicycle was overkill, as I only had to pedal .38 miles to the point where the road was closest to the point. It was VERY close to the point, actually: the third leg of the triathlon, on foot, was less than 200 feet through three or four year old clearcut scrub. I used the GPS gadget, which finally came in useful -- it zeroed me right in on the exact spot in the clearing where the hashpoint sat.

This was my favorite hashpoint to date. One that required a slightly longer ride, a slightly longer hike, a slightly greater complexity of strategizing the final approach -- that would all add to the fun. But this one was pretty darn fun -- especially since I got back to the truck before it started to rain.

I left a flag in the event that any other wanderers happen across the site.