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2010-05-23 44 -76

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Sun 23 May 2010 in 44,-76:
44.3009670, -76.3572874

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[edit] Location

Located in a field south of Middle Road, just a little west of Joyceville Road, in Kingston, ON.

[edit] Expedition

[edit] Splitdipless

I was vacationing on the weekend at the family cottage, and with the newest technology I was able to find the hash point for the day using just a cellular phone! Amazing! Using the guise that I was going to go out and look at possible boats to buy, I took the drive into Kingston in "Em," my car, and drove as close to the spot as I could.

Turns out the spot was behind some barbed wire, in the middle of a field of something that I'm sure I farmer would not want me trudging in, so I had to call it quits about 200 m away.

On the way back I stopped at a small church yard sale, where I ran into the most offensive record for sale I'd ever seen. "The George Mitchell Minstrels from the Black and White Minstrel Show." I didn't buy it, even though it was only CAD$0.50. I felt as though it may have been a trap: being at a church yard sale, I felt as though any potential buyer may be captured by parishioners and stoned for being evil.

[edit] Photos