2010-05-22 49 9

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Sat 22 May 2010 in Würzburg:
49.4635260, 9.7646015

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Today's location is in a rapeseed field near Bad Mergentheim.

Country: Germany; state: Baden-Württemberg (EU:DE:BW); administrative region: Stuttgart; district: Main-Tauber-Kreis



My plan was to start by train from Würzburg at 14:37 so that I would be at the hashpoint for 4 pm. However, lunch and coffee took longer than planned and that train was long gone when I had time to start. I took the train at 16:03 which one hour later arrived at Bad Mergentheim. At train station I found out that my GPS units had died from lack of energy again. Switching the batteries around at first didn't help, later at home I discovered a broken rechargeable battery. From the train station I rode by bike to the suburb Neunkirchen, where a very steep track led up the Schneckenberg ("snail mountain"). I had to stop a few times to catch my breath and at the upper end of the track I found a cat. It didn't want to be petted and soon after I was near the hashpoint. It was in the middle of a rapeseed field. After standing at the eastern edge for a while I drove around the field and tried to reach the hashpoint from the west. Pushing the chest-high rapeseed plants to the side with my hands and stepping carefully between them slowly brought me nearer to the hashpoint without damaging anything (as far as I could detect). 20 metres into the field I decided "proof of concept provided, near enough" and turned back. Many pictures followed because taking a picture of Scott and myself was significantly hindered by Mouseover Day. After I had left the field I found out that I was covered in yellow rapeseed stuff from my shoulders to my feet, and that it didn't come off. It was quarter past 6 and my return train was scheduled for 18:34, so I quickly rode back to the train station, taking a different track this time. At half past 7 I was at home.

Danatar earned the 2010 Mouse Over Day achievement
by celebrating in the (49, 9) graticule on the Saturday following May 21st 2010.
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