2010-05-21 -36 146

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Fri 21 May 2010 in -36,146:
-36.0229115, 146.4999128

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North of Rutherglen





I (Kieran) headed out late in the evening, stopping to take a few snaps of the sun setting over the flat country in the Murray River valley near Rutherglen.

I drove down a variety of rural roads, barely worthy of the title "road", eventually stopping at the corner of Betts Ln and Savage Rd.

There were some cows off to one side, a couple of houses nearby, and a few trees. An an unremarkable point in a paddock the GPS coords on my Nokia pretty much matched those on the piece of paper I was holding.

Having taken a few photos of the surround and the requisite mug shot, I attached a geohashing calling card to a nearby fence and started on the journey home.

On the journey home I stopped at an abandoned house to take a couple of photos. They're attached also.

Kieran's Expedition Photos[edit]

Abandoned house...[edit]