2010-05-16 49 9

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Sun 16 May 2010 in Würzburg:
49.9723779, 9.7647325

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Today's location is next to the Main river near Karlstadt am Main.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Unterfranken; district: Main-Spessart

Weather: sunny with many clouds, 14 °C



My first bicycle geohash in 8 months! It was far, but I was sure I could make it. Some time ago, a friend told me about the cycle track on the Main's north side. Until now I had always taken a detour to the south side, but today I found the new route. After a little more climbing than planned due to a wrong turn I reached Veitshöchheim, where I had been almost defeated the last time I had been there by bike (2009-05-28 49 9). Now that I knew the route, I continued to Himmelstadt. Biking was difficult and I was exhausted even after the first 15 km, but I thought that lack of training was responsible for that, and stopped a few times to rest. At Himmelstadt I crossed the Main, knowing that this would disqualify my planned tron route, but I couldn't continue on the right side of the river. After more painful kilometres, I reached the bridge next to the geohash, which is visible on google maps but not on the satellite view. Then I was at the hashpoint. It was about 3 metres into the bushes from a track along the main. I waved my camera around in order to look like I belonged there, but I guess the people that saw me had their own thoughts about what I was doing.

I cycled to Karlstadt and crossed the Main again. While carrying the bike up some stairs I found out that the bike's dynamo had been running all the last 32 kilometres, making the bright day even brighter by draining my stamina. No wonder I had been tired for while... Suddenly, cycling was much easier. In a Biergarten I had seen on the way there I stopped for a Gyros and a Radler. Then I mostly followed my own route back home.

Distance by bike: 61 km (30.8 + 30.2)