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Thu 13 May 2010 in 52,13:
52.5004698, 13.4701942

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Waterfront by S-bahn Ostkreuz.



  • If the weather's nice, I might spend the afternoon geocaching nearby, so I'm easy regarding the time. --davidc 17:06, 12 May 2010 (UTC)



This was a pretty simple hash: a 10 minute walk from S-bahn station Ostkreuz on the shores of the Rummelsberger See.

The hashpoint was next to a boarded-up house in the trees just past a trampled wire fence. The place gave me the willies and was rather crummy so I didn't leave a poster.

After hashing, I went round the lake to three geocaches along the far shore: the first two I found easily, but at the third one I found a dead swan bobbing up and down at the riverbank and became too sad to continue. So I went and got blindly drunk instead, forgetting I hadn't eaten all day, and that was good-bye to my weekend.


I walked straight from my home to the hashpoint. I passed by Berlin central station, through the government district, through the Brandenburg gate, Humboldt University, some opera, other touristy stuff... Then came to parts of the city unknown to me: Nikolai quarter, along the river Spree, along the East Side Gallery and finally to the Rummelsburg lake. By then it had gone quite dark. I heard sounds of industry the origin of which I was unable to determine, but the GPS was pointing me in their direction. I saw buildings lurking behind trees. .... I looked for an access to the geohash or a sign left by davidc, but only found fences; and some of them were really high and bore a sign "construction site - keep out".



geohash lyx 2010-05-13




davidc earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
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