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Thu 13 May 2010 in Bamberg:
49.5004698, 10.4701942

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next to a way through the fields near Lenkersheim.


  • Chriss - first time geohashing!!


I will be there at about 1 or 2 pm. After that I going to visit Bad Windsheim open air museum.



I went from Erlangen to Bad Windsheim by train. The weather there was cloudy but still try. Bad Windsheim seemed to be a nice health resort, but since this was my first expedition, i was looking forward to reach the hashpoint. About one hour later, I reached the hashpoint, and luckily I didn't have to cross any fields, but it was right next to the way i was walking on.

After a short break to eat a sandwich, I made my way back to Bad Windsheim. Unfortunately it started to rain slightly. On my way back, I could watch a stork searching for food, and I found some of the money we have to pay to EU: a pig fattening facility! Well, though it was looking quite nice and modern, I thought it is a bit strange, that it is about half a kilometer outside the village... After crossing through Lenkersheim again, I took a different route back to Bad Windsheim. Since there was still slight rain, I cancelled the visit to the openair museum, and headed back to station.

All in all, it was quite nice, and I'm looking forward tomy next expedition, when I have time again, or there is an hash near me.


no tracklog from gps, but googlemaps-link, hope this is ok for you: [[1]]


follow soon...