2010-05-11 50 -120

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Tue 11 May 2010 in 50,-120:
50.7537345, -120.4217636

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Lac du bois provincial park


Checked out the coordinates for Kamloops and saw that they were in a nice location an ambitious bike ride away. Wondered if this could be my bicycle geohash, as the weather was great. After being encouraged by Rhonda's dad to go for it, I gathered up what I needed and headed out.


After the bike was loaded, I coasted down the hill and rode along Valleyview Drive to the end. Crossed the off ramp into the city, the train tracks, and I was on the River's trail. Couldn't ask for a nicer route. I was able to stay on this trail until the entrance to Batchelor drive, which is also the road that goes through Lac du bois grasslands. So basically I went down the hill along the valley across the river, along the valley some more and up into the hills on the other side. Came across a small cattle drive on my way to the point, actually they passed less than 100 feet from the point. Was asked by one of the horse rider's if I was out for a bike ride, as I was pushing my bike through the grass and sage brush. When I said I was out doing a geohash point and held up the GPS, he didn't seem to want to talk any more. Hmm, probably looked like a crazy lady. I thought that I had avoided the fresh pies but the flecks that hit my leg when my speed got up told me otherwise. The coasting back down the hill was nice in spite of the washboards on the road, just have to be careful not to brake while going through them. Then a mere 3 k from home I accepted a ride from Rhonda's dad, this being my first long ride this year, and only the third(gasp) time on the bike this year. I thought the last 650 feet vertical climb in the last 2 k would be my undoing.