2010-05-11 45 -123

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Tue 11 May 2010 in 45,-123:
45.7537345, -123.4217636

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Near Timber, Oregon, Slightly south of Hwy 26, on a logging road.



I decided to go, sent out an email, and created an expedition page. I also printed out the Google Maps page, and figured out the coordinates of the logging road intersections.


This was an interesting hashpoint to get to. Once again, I found myself on a logging road in the Oregon forests.

Access to the road near the hashpoint was pretty easy, as the logging road was open and there weren't a lot of turns to get there.

The hashpoint was close to the road, but not quite as close as I thought. I should have changed footwear before heading into the woods, but I didn't. I ended up getting further from the road than I expected, and it would have been sensible to head back to change footwear, but I was too close to the hashpoint to be sensible. "Stupidity Distance" strikes again.

I finally got close enough to the hashpoint, and took some pictures and headed out before too many small velociraptors found me.