2010-05-07 36 -75

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Fri 7 May 2010 in 36,-75:
36.7231920, -75.9970169

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Pungo area of Virginia Beach



Excited at the prospect of finally getting a hash in the mostly-ocean Virginia Beach graticule, I pulled a late night and headed out to the hash around 9:00pm. I plugged in the coordinates and went from there, not having looked at the map and just following the arrow. I headed out of the city, south towards the farmland and the North Carolina border. At the little town of Pungo, the area was pointing off to the left with a few miles still to go, but a convenient road showed up for me to take. With 1 mile to go, the arrow again drifted left, but again a road appeared going that direction. I drove on down and was able to gaze at the darkness of the hash as I drove by, 300 feet away in someone's front yard.

Giving up on the dream of my VB hash, I turned around and headed for home. I decided to find the source of the spotlight I had seen playing around the sky on my way out, so started looking for it. Before I spotted it, I found a nice little side street that promised a dead end, but I checked it out anyway. It turned out to be a large empty area in some fields that made for some nice stargazing away from the light of the city. Also, it would be fantastic for making-out on a date if I was 17 still.


Continuing on into the city, I found myself getting weak from all this adventure. I stopped at a small local shop called 7-11 for some nourishment. I returned to the car with coffee and beef jerky, the fuel of good adventurers everywhere. Back in the car, it didn't take me long to find the source of the spotlight:

mystery light

They either have a great restaurant, or something has gone very wrong and they need Batman fast

On my way out, I saw this awesome old motorcycle at a place nearby:

vintage wheels