2010-05-06 45 -123

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Thu 6 May 2010 in 45,-123:
45.5724846, -123.0061930

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Near North Plains, Oregon: about 100 feet into a field south of Zion Church Road, close to Highway 26.


  • Jim is thinking strongly of going


Well, maybe I'll program the GPS before I go, I guess I could print out a Google map, but since I know the area, it doesn't seem necessary. Getting permission might be tricky. As might be parking.


My first pass at getting to the point was to go to Zion Church Road. The spot was off in a field, so I stopped at a nearby house and asked who might own that field. They directed me a ways down Glencoe Road.

So, I headed down there, and followed my GPS to attempt to get to the spot from the South. I found another person to ask, and explained what I was doing and where I wanted to go. They weren't too sure where I was talking about, and I wasn't certain either, since I was now about a half mile south of the hashpoint and it was less clear which crop was around the hashpoint from that distance.

They directed me towards someone else, but we started talking about other things, including the history of the area, and various farm discussions like the installation of wells and field drainage. It turns out that he knows who installed the drainage into area many years ago. A useful tidbit of information to have!

I said goodbye and headed to the last stop, but no one was home.

So, I gave up and went home.