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2010-04-30 53 -1

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Fri 30 Apr 2010 in 53,-1:
53.3599056, -1.0141990

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[edit] Location

Farmer's field, just off route home. Hash only just in field, next to a hedge.

[edit] People

[edit] The Plan

Park near field. Find handy public footpath/ farmers track around field. Follow footpath to next to hash point. Scamper in if field fallow/grass, or be satisfied with being pretty damn close. Celebrate not getting shot.

[edit] The Expedition

Parked near field. Found handy farmers track around field. Discovered Confused Platypus (all 6.5ft of him) was too scared of getting shot to even enter field, so gave it up as within 358 yards hashing failure and incident to mock Confused Platypus with. Celebrated not getting shot.

[edit] Images