2010-04-26 43 -79

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Mon 26 Apr 2010 in 43,-79:
43.6741828, -79.2972556

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Today's point was in front of a public school in a neighbourhood called 'The Beach.'


It was on the way home. Kinda. Okay, not really. Driving to the point required travelling to the lake downtown-ish, and I live very uptown.

I was able to find a parking space in a school bus loading zone. It looked like all the kids had been loaded up a couple hours before I got there, so I had no qualms with parking there.

As I started walking down the sidewalk, I did start to get worried. The school had a fence in it's front. What if the point was over the fence? Luckily, it was out on the sidewalk. I had to stand-by as a couple of mothers pushed strollers past, then took a photo down the very pretty street, capturing the school sign out front.

The drive out of the city, during rush hour (realistically, rush-half-a-day) took quite some time, but it was a nice drive in warm weather.

Edit: It looks like this expedition has got me a Last Man Standing Achievement! Woo-hoo!

Edit 2: I've been ninja'd. I waited a while to claim the Last Man Standing Achievement, but I never figured another expedition would pop up nearly a month after mine got documented. Congrats SkinWalker for going out and hashing: 2010-04-26 33 -113.