2010-04-25 45 -123

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Sun 25 Apr 2010 in 45,-123:
45.9440030, -123.0453958

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In Camp Wilkerson Park, NE of Pittsburg, Oregon



Jim is hoping to head north and visit this hashpoint on the way.


Aperfectring's Visit[edit]

Live reports[edit]

  • Coordinates reached, no cell signal @ the point, bad GPS signal as well. Proof is tenuous, but I am certain I made it. -- aperfectring @45.5287,-122.8660 16:39, 25 April 2010 (UTC)

Post-expedition Report[edit]

I started off this morning being woken up by one of my smoke detectors having a low battery, so starting to beep at me at about 6 AM. This rather annoyed me, so to prevent it from happening again, I went down to the garage, got my foldable table, a battery, and went back up to my bedroom to change the battery. As soon as that was done, I decided that rather than going back to sleep, I would go out and geohash this morning. I then proceeded to grab my gear, and head out the door by about 7AM.

I stopped to get gas and cash for the honor box that was supposed to be there, but the gas station had no ATM. I decided that I would just drive there, and find a place to stop on the way. I stopped at a credit union in Vernonia, Oregon and got cash. I then stopped at a convenience store, got a drink (to get change), and proceeded driving the mountain roads off towards the hashpoint.

The hashpoint itself was about 20ft off of a gravel road, but I couldn't get an accurate GPS fix. On the road I was getting anywhere between 15 and 90 ft to the hashpoint. I trudged into the woods a bit where it looked like the point was, and called it reached. I would most definitely get to the actual point, but technology prevented it. Proof pictures were taken, and the PBGH games concept officially ended its planning stage!

I then drove myself back along a different route, stopping for a decent breakfast and at a store to buy a new CD along the way. All in all a great trip!

Jim's Expedition[edit]

Jim first made another attempt at the hashpoint from March 28, and didn't succeed any better. The hashpoint didn't seem to be on a road anymore, perhaps due to logging.

Then he proceeded to today's hashpoint, and found it, though the signal was just about as odd as for APR.


APR Photos[edit]

Jim's Mar 28 Retro Hash[edit]

Jim's Today's hashpoint photos[edit]