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2010-04-24 39 -76

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Sat 24 Apr 2010 in 39,-76:
39.3983182, -76.2645639

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[edit] Location

In restricted waters off the shore of Aberdeen Proving Ground Edgewood Area. Nautical charts of the area show that the restricted area boundary in the Bush River runs between the following two approximate locations: 39.4139, -76.2556 and 39.4172, -76.2328. The area south of this line is restricted (presumably for safety reasons as well as security).

User:Cordelya has proposed the Edgewood MARC station as an alternate site. Voting is available on the Peeron Map: latitude 39, longitude -76

[edit] Participants

Cordelya is planning to attend, but won't arrive until after 1915 local time.

[edit] Plans

Anybody want to make a plan?

Please note: the following achievements could potentially be earned by making it to this hash:

(if you don't agree with the eligibility for one of these, please discuss on Talk)

[edit] Expedition

User:Cordelya made an attempt to reach the location during the 1900 hour (local time):

  • Researched the location and surrounding area via the Internet ahead of time. Location is in the Bush River, in a restricted navigation area - only authorized government watercraft are permitted. Area appears to be semi-industrial. I saw a possibility in a pier at the southern end of Bush River Road, and decided to try that, and a nearby marina as a secondary.
  • Used appropriate credential to gain access to US Army Aberdeen Proving Ground Edgewood Area base.
  • Drove as far as legally possible on Bush River road. Arrived at 39.399683 -76.279305 (estimated via GPS track log) and noted a sign prohibiting further travel. Was, at that point, approximately 0.79 miles away from hashpoint. Took photo, turned around. Road to marina also currently prohibited for general traffic due to construction (not able to photograph). Departed military installation.
  • Proceeded to proposed alternate location - Edgewood MARC train station. Location was deserted. Took photo of self in front of tracks (station is so remote there are no signs showing the station's name). Posted self-photo to Twitter with geotag. Took photo of GPS readout. Headed home.

[edit] Tracklog

User:Cordelya's GPS device keeps a log, but there's no way to transfer from GPS to computer. Guess she should get a GPS datalogger build/solder kit and make one for herself, eh?

[edit] Achievements

Cordelya earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (39, -76) geohash on 2010-04-24.
2010 04 24 39 -076 no trespassing.jpg

[edit] Photos