2010-04-23 33 -84

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Fri 23 Apr 2010 in Atlanta:
33.8186424, -84.5508839

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A rare water geohash in a subdivision in Mableton Georgia.



This is the last expedition before my truck was broken into and my camera and GPS was stolen.

I had gone to Stone Mountain with my now ex-girlfriend and her kids for the day the day after this expedition. I had assumed that the memory stick that I used all the time was in the camera when it was stolen.

I had forgot that earlier that day I has swapped out the 16Gb card for a 2Gb card because I wanted to be able to give the memory card to my girlfriend to have the pictures of her kids printed at the local camera shop.

I have 2 16Gb micro memory cards for my camera and I wrongly assumed that this one was the backup memory card in case I forgot the primary memory card in my computer. I've done that several times now. When I found the backup 16Gb memory card this morning, I was ecstatic to remember that I has swapped out the primary card for the 2Gb card.

So, now a month later, I am uploading the pictures.