2010-04-22 36 -76

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Thu 22 Apr 2010 in 36,-76:
36.8110322, -76.1206248

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[edit] Location

Sidewalk in a Va Beach neighborhood

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Saw a nice close-by one while at work and decided to run out to it afterwards.

[edit] Expedition

I ended up taking the whole family out, since there were errands and dinner to worry about later.

Knowing it was so close, I decided to make it a little more challenging by not looking at directions at all. I didn't know if it would be reachable or not, just programmed the GPS and headed out. It didn't take too many turns to find it. It was in a surprisingly nice spot, between two rows of houses in a not-so-nice VB neighborhood. I got out while everyone else waited in the car and took my photos and made a hashmark on the sidewalk.

panorama of the hash

[edit] Photos

[edit] Achievements

Archer27 earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (36, -76) geohash on 2010-04-22.