2010-04-22 -37 144

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Thu 22 Apr 2010 in -37,144:
-37.6788574, 144.8929771

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Beside Black Rd, Broadmeadows



Bell st to Citylink, then turn-off to the airport, then north on Mickleham rd. GPS on after Broadmeadows Rd.

Get hash and possibly freak people out by hanging around the front of their house at odd hours of the evening.


Headed off at about 10pm.

I managed to completely forget the coffee i was going to make (although fortunately I hadn't started making it. Leaving the coffee rocket on the gas would have been much worse). I also realised wery quickly that I had left my wallet at home. this threatened my plan to buy an ice cream until I remembered that I keep change in the ashtray. There would be plenty in there for a hash-treat later! after two half-3-point-turns, I headed on.

Continuing in the theme of the trip, I also forgot to take City-link. As I realised I'd turned off bell st I also figured I could just keep going and take the ring road instead. Brilliant!

well... not so much. I discovered that they were doing roadworks on the ring road, and traffic was at a standstill where 2 lanes and an on ramp merged into one remaining lane. A Jam threatened, but it turned out to be more of a Marmalade. After a short very slow section, the flow improved. Not all that fast, but to moving at least.

I turned off towards the airport, and began following my planned route. of course... Mickleham road also had road-works. Fortunately on this less busy road the delays were less. (and mostly caused by traffic lights anyway.

As I left the roadworks, I Turned on the GPS. Shortly after that I realised I'd missed my turnoff. It was the one just back there which I looked at and thought "I wonder if that's the one".

U-turn, back track, turn off, and guesstimate the turns through the residential streets from there until the GPS told me I was passing the point. I stopped the car, GPS danced, and tried a few photos.

If I did manage to freak anyone out by hanging around this quiet residential street with a flashy camera, they didn't come out to investigate.

Heading home, I stopped to get a photo of the little bridge I'd driven over. As I was finishing up, a couple of drunk guys came up and asked for a lift back to their hotel, and $20 for my troubles. Apparently they had been waiting for a Taxi for 45 minutes. Being a happy chappy, I said 'sure'. They jumped in the car, wondered why I was taking photos of a bridge in the dark, and we proceeded to look for the hotel (they were... unsure... of the directions). As it happened, they needed to go a whole kilometer or so up the road. We were back in a road-working zone again, so the only parking was one of the blocked lanes, where i pulled over and let them out. If I'd known in advance that it was so close, I'd have told them to keep their money. oh well.

I also decided to get my geo-snackies. Half-way through the road-works I dived off the road into a service lane (again through a blocked off lane). At the service station there I discovered slushies, and the Magnum icecream I'd decided with someone at work that I should enjoy tonight. Snackie success!

After that it was back home, the right way this time, and all was good. The magnum was nommies (ego Caramel ... mmmm), the slushie not so much (excessively sweet lemon flavoured).

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