2010-04-21 42 -85

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Wed 21 Apr 2010 in Grand Rapids:
42.3404859, -85.3514034

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[edit] Location

A house somewhere in Augusta, Michigan, not far from M-96.

[edit] Participants

Yvh11a was flying solo on this trip, it being already a late weekday afternoon when he realized that the hash was a mere five miles away.

[edit] Plans

The plans were to get on the bike, ride to the location, take some pictures with my shiny new camera phone, bike back. Easy peasy.

[edit] Expedition

The ride started out fine, nice paved trails, perfect for my crappy bike. A slight headwind was compensated by the downhill slope, and soon I found myself rolling into Augusta. The first street I took was, as it turns out, the wrong one, and I was forced to pull out my phone to refer to Google Maps (so much for the no batteries achievement, oh well). Got myself straightened out, and a few short minutes later was curbside in front of the house in question. I was going to snap a picture and then head off when I saw a vehicle pulling into the very driveway I was sitting next to. Discretion and epicness did battle in my brain, and extroversion won out. I waited until the driver noticed me and asked if I needed anything. I explained that I was from the internet, and asked if it was all right to take a picture. Unfortunately, they decided that would be a bit weird, so I thanked them for their time, hopped back on my bike, and departed.

[edit] Photos

No photos, by request of the owner.

[edit] Achievements Unlocked!

yvh11a earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 16 km (10 miles) total to the (42, -85) geohash on 2010-04-21.

As usual, no proof. You'll just have to trust me.