2010-04-19 43 -79

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Mon 19 Apr 2010 in 43,-79:
43.7294722, -79.5935139

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Satellite imagery places the point on Lynmont Street, or a front yard near it in the neighbourhood of Smithfield in Etobicoke, Toronto. The point was actually on the street near a street sign for Mosswood Ave.



The plan is simple, hop in 'Em,' my car, and drive out to the hash. This will be a bit tough for one reason. I'll be joining rush hour traffic going west out of the city for a portion of the trip. I may get inventive on how to get there instead of sticking to the highways the entire time.



I had to work late, so going home to switch to public transit was out of the question, especially if I wanted to fit in a work-out and watch The Pacific.

Traffic was surprisingly light for rush hour. I was able to maintain speed at or above 80 km/h along Hwy 401 the entire time. So I was able to take the highway to Hwy 409 and get off at Kipling and travelled local streets to the hash. I did notice the way back was in grid-lock (there appears to be an anti-commuting direction rush hour after the commuting direction rush hour) and that affected my travel back. The hash was in a nice quiet neighbourhood with tree-lined street and low street signs, which looks quite good compared to the standard in the city.

Took a couple shots with my camera, then decided to stop for dinner at a nearby plaza for pizza. The plaza at John Garland and Martin Grove had both a Pizza Pizza and a Pizza Nova. I made the right choice as the Pizza Nova had dried chilli peppers, Frank's Hot Sauce, and Jalapeno Ranch dipping sauce. The 'peel to win' promotion with my slice netted me a free coke too.

After a very successful hash and dinner, I headed home along Albion/Wilson instead of contending with the highways.