2010-04-14 44 -123

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Wed 14 Apr 2010 in 44,-123:
44.8631830, -123.2192613

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[edit] Location

In a field just Northwest of Monmouth, Oregon.

[edit] Participants

Michael5000 by proxy (Niece #1 et al.)

[edit] Plans

Email: Michael5000 to Niece #1, 9:50 PDT

  • DUDE!!! It's so close!!! [link to hash]

[edit] Expedition

Exchange of Messages, 7:59 - 8:04 PDT

7:59 PM michael5000: I'm going to guess that there was no trespassing on farmland today.

8:01 PM Niece #1: Guess again!

michael5000: Hmm. 8:02 PM My second guess is that there was trespassing on farmland today.

Niece #1: Wow, it's like you're psychic or something

My friend and I rode our bikes over to your silly hash point

My bike had no air in either tire, which I didn't realize until we were too far away from my apartment to turn around and give up

michael5000: It's not MY silly hash point.

8:03 PM It's THE silly hash point.

Niece #1: Well in any case, I'll send you a picture probably.. tomorrow?

michael5000: YOU DID IT?

Niece #1: I expect to be featured prominently on The Blog

Of COURSE I did it! I know the rules

michael5000: SWEET GODDAM!!!

8:04 PM Niece #1: Am I the favorite niece now?


Niece #1: YAY!

Michael5000 earned the Puppet Master Geohash achievement
by manipulating someone to reach the (44, -123) geohash on 2010-04-14.
2010-04-14 44 -123 Niece-1.jpg

[edit] Photos

Niece#1 at the hashpoint