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Tue 13 Apr 2010 in 47,7:
47.3531733, 7.9513002

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Dulliken, near Olten



Looking at the coordinates yesterday, I was happy to see a possibility for a second army geohash and at the same time an upgrade to my minesweeper level.

Planning began when I was on the train to Bern, and subsequently an expedition planning page was created.

I went by train to Olten, then by bus to Obergösgen, then another bus brought me to the "Bodenacker" bus stop in Dulliken, just a few dozen metres from the hash.

The exact coordinates were indeed very quickly reached. After taking a few pictures I walked to the Dulliken train station to take a train back to Olten.

The initial report including pictures upload was entirely done on the way back, thanks to my trusty N810.